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  Topic: Happy new year fellas

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PostForum: Soap Box   Posted: 18 Jan 2017 07:21 pm   Subject: Happy new year fellas
Proud to make the first post of 2017 on MM2C. Not sure who's still around but I just logged onto the IRC channel for the first time in a couple years and there are still a few active users. Hope this ...
  Topic: Wow, Hi!

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PostForum: Soap Box   Posted: 19 Sep 2016 05:49 am   Subject: Wow, Hi!

Figured you might as well check on what that recurring webhost charge to your credit card is for?

You are so right about the nostalgia of this color scheme. It's so weird to view this we ...
  Topic: Stereo's MM2 Vehicles

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PostForum: Post Your Project   Posted: 20 Mar 2013 11:51 pm   Subject: Stereo's MM2 Vehicles
Nice man
  Topic: Car Pics

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PostForum: Image Gallery   Posted: 26 Feb 2013 07:57 am   Subject: Car Pics
Come on dude... you've been around long enough to know you don't pull up old threads, even when it's slow around here...
  Topic: Carking 1996's MM2 vehicles.

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PostForum: Post Your Project   Posted: 18 Aug 2012 01:20 pm   Subject: Carking 1996's MM2 vehicles.
  Topic: Car Pics

Replies: 781
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PostForum: Image Gallery   Posted: 29 Jul 2012 05:56 am   Subject: Car Pics
'93 Caprice Classic. Quake in fear BETCHEZ. A former taxi cab refurbished & repainted. They call it the shaggin' wagon, except not really.

http://www.mmarchive.com/images/howtogetthebiddies.jpe ...
  Topic: Chicago track conversion from MM1

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PostForum: Post Your Project   Posted: 29 Jul 2012 05:43 am   Subject: Chicago track conversion from MM1
I remember MM1's Archipelago being converted to MM2 (another carking1996 joint) but not Chicago.
  Topic: Explanation

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PostForum: Soap Box   Posted: 23 May 2012 02:21 pm   Subject: Explanation
Lil late there buddy?
  Topic: What's your internet speed?

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PostForum: Soap Box   Posted: 01 Apr 2012 12:56 am   Subject: What's your internet speed?

  Topic: What are you listening to now.

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PostForum: Soap Box   Posted: 02 Mar 2012 10:50 am   Subject: What are you listening to now.
Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane
  Topic: POST YOUR DESKTOP [January update page 18]

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PostForum: Image Gallery   Posted: 02 Mar 2012 10:44 am   Subject: POST YOUR DESKTOP [January update page 18]
Hey look I have a mac too lulululululu

  Topic: Oh hi.

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PostForum: Soap Box   Posted: 28 Jan 2012 01:43 am   Subject: Oh hi.
Yo, OT, but buses in fact rock my socks. In particular, I roll with the MCI D4500 and the Orion V. Good old classic American models.
  Topic: Time to party.

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PostForum: Soap Box   Posted: 24 Dec 2011 10:46 pm   Subject: Time to party.
It hasn't snowed yet this winter in New York City and the temperature is hovering in the mid 40s. I'm just not feeling it.
  Topic: Bothersome fools

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PostForum: Soap Box   Posted: 02 Nov 2011 07:54 pm   Subject: Bothersome fools
This kid's Facebook is pretty cute. "Joe likes I'm tired of being nice to people who don't give a **** about me." and "I'm not Addicted to Texting,I'm Addicted to the Person that I am Texting." Tough ...
  Topic: Zmodeler 1.05c

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PostForum: City Editing   Posted: 06 Aug 2011 08:13 pm   Subject: Zmodeler 1.05c
REcently I have been dragging up topics from 2+ years ago .. Have anyone else got the same problem? any solution?
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