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Post subject: MY ALL PROBLEMS IN CITY MAKING Reply with quote

hi guys...i have some problems in city making...if i solve them,i can build city anymore...please help me...

1.Problem:Building Texture Fail...

I am adding any texture for my building and texturing after making city
and fail...GROUND_ textures works but PHx_ doesnt work
Fail image:http://www.hizliupload.com/img/damn.bmp

2.Problem:Bug For Buildings

I finished my all simple...there is a building in my city,like in image.When i get away from building,i cant see it.when I get near it,i can see it.SF,NY,London and other cities not like it...How can i solve this problem?

3.Problem:How can i add materials?

That's simple a problem.How can i add materials(trees,traffic lambs,parkometers,bins...specially polices and sidewalks?)

4.Problem:PSDL Viewer Java3D Problem

I wanna use psdl viewer...my a friend say it,its easier than zmodeler..and helped for it.I done everything...I installed Java 3D 1.5.1 and downloaded Viewer.jar and clicked that giving this error "Java3D can't find" =(...i wanna use that...

Thanks...If i solve this problems...I will do a lot of city and share Laughing
Post 01 Sep 2010 12:38 pm
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The PSDL Doctor

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  1. This is actually a very basic question and probably can get solved by reading a simple ZModeler tutorial.

    Say that this is our building, a simple cube. It currently has the default material assigned to it and I made it red.

    For grounds (GROUND_x) you only have to assign the texture on the faces. But for buildings (PHx_) you need to map the texture with the UV mapper. This is used to scale the texture on the surface.

    You first need to add a new material. Click the red ball in the toolbar to open the Material Editor. Then you click the Copy button to make a copy of the default material so that you have 2 materials.

    Now you have to select the new material in the list (the lastone), give it a name and check Primary Texture. Also make sure your material colour is white, because it will be mixed with the texture. Click the Load Map... button and select a texture in the dialog. If you want to use MM2 textures, you will have to convert the MM2 TEX files to TGA to use them in ZModeler. Close all windows by clicking OK.

    Now you need to assign the texture to do surface where it has to appear. First click the 'Objects' button in the toolbar and click on your building, to make sure this is the active object. Then go to the faces level ('Faces' button) and click on your building. Then you have to select all the faces that you want the texture on. You can use Select->Faces->Single and click one by one or you can use the 'rectangle easy selector' in the toolbar.

    Now go to the material editor, select your material and assign it to the faces. Your texture is assigned now, but you will have to map it in order to appear in MM2. To do this use Surface->Mapping->Assign UV and click on the faces with the texture assigned. Also make sure that the 'SEL' button is enabled because you want to use this tool on more than one face. You can now see the texture on your building, but it probably doesn't fit on it like you want it to be. Go to one of the views, click the button in the corner and select 'UV Mapper'. You will see the building texture and your faces on it.

    Use the 'Objects' button on the object in the UV Mapper to work in it. Then click the 'Vertices' button and click again on the object. Now you can do several things to change the texture size. An important thing to know is that in the UV Mapper there aren't any faces connected to other faces. That means that if you move a vertice, only one face will change, and not the other faces that are connected to it. You can use the 'MUL' button to avoid this. Move the vertices in the UV Mapper to have to texture mapped like you want. Or just scale the object.

    Now to make your building work in MM2 you need to center the axis of your building. Go to object level ('Objects' button) and click on your building (not in UV Mapper anymore). Then go to Display->Center Axis and click on the object. Call the object PHx_ (x can be anything you want). You make the bound for it by copying this object and naming it PBx_ (x has to be the same number as used for PHx_). Bound objects don't have any texture so you just assign the default material to all its faces.

  2. For the far distance bodies of a building you can make 3 more objects: PMx_ (medium level detail), PLx_ (low) and PVLx_ (very low). MM2CT can do this for you. Just enable 'Additional bodies' in the import dialog. But if you make high poly buildings I suggest you to make them yourself, because MM2CT just makes a copy of PHx_ for all the far distance bodies. Make PMx_, PLx_, PVLx_ simplified versions of PHx_. This to reduce lagg and file size of your city.

  3. For trees and other props you can use pathset. If you want working cops you will need road objects and working intersections and BAI (file that controls traffic). Also sidewalk props (trashcans, lampposts, parkometers, ...) are easiest to do with PSDL Viewer. In the program you make a road object and give it a prop rule. This is an identifier (a number) so that MM2 knows which props to put on the sidewalks. These props are defined in propdefs.csv and proprules.csv. But it's easier to copy these files from SF. If you don't use PSDL Viewer to make a city, just use pathset to place the props on the sidewalks, but that's a lot of work ofcourse.

  4. I will start a new topic about this since it has been asked many times...
    Edit: http://forum.mm2c.com/viewtopic.php?t=16029

Good luck with it Ahmet! Very Happy

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Post 01 Sep 2010 02:40 pm
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Post subject: W00T Reply with quote

W00T thx midas Wink i will try with ur tutorial now Very Happy
Post 01 Sep 2010 02:59 pm
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