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I realize this is almost a year late but uhh...

How long have you been a part of this community? How old were you?
I found mm2/mm2c when i was probably still in middle school, so early teens in terms of age. I've been a part of this community for probably 3 years, the rest of it I've been dropping in maybe once every 6 months.

What are your fondest memories?
The amazing work contributed by various members. I remember Canibuz (I think it was) created a program for editing/creating cities, and many members became amazing 3D modelers considering it was fan-based creations. The level of professionalism displayed by some members (read: not me lol) was pretty impressive too. I also remember Roadie sent me a gmail invite back when it was a new service haha! There were so many benefits to participating in this community, even as a spammer and perpetual winner of the 'Canned Ham' award. Wink

How did participating here affect your life?
I probably spent a billion more hours than I should have playing mm2 instead of doing homework. Honestly, with the level of activity this site used to have, it was kind of like having an online social life what with the IRC channel and constant new ongoing developments.

Even though I personally never really contributed much (apart from my 50 posts/day), I find myself continuously remembering projects undertaken by the most talented computer game fan-base I have ever been a part of while i write this post (and increase my post count in the process, can't overlook that). Many thanks to everyone responsible for getting this site running and keeping it going strong for all those years. My only regret is not meeting anyone from this forum in real life, though most of the people I talked with online lived in CANADAAAAAA anyways.
No longer #1 Spammer.......wtf is going on here?!
I play dancing games god damnit. ITG2 woo.
Post 27 Feb 2012 10:00 pm
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