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Post subject: .INST files and MM2 's limits Reply with quote


After 4 days on the problem i've meet a MM2 limit with Inst files and MM2 capacities on my Bibus SF project.

As you know we are limited by a number of object files that we can add in INST files. But i have been limited by the weight of the .pkg files that i was adding ! Shocked

My project was to add my recent released bus GX107 on my bus park in SF which already count my citaro std & G, O405 N & GN.
So I worked with Zmodeler in order to create the gx107_parked.pkg files.
I reduced the size of some textures (it is not necessary to have great precised textures for traffic or parked vehicles).
My idea was to place 19 parked GX buses, each one different by its park number and its number-plate, with some differents destinations indicator (differents vanes).
So i created number textures : on the same texture 19 plates and park-numbers between 156 and 196 (real park numbers)
and 5 destination textures : DEPOT, IFREMER, NAVETTE, 2, s35

Just for illustration, the distribution was like this :

GIROUETTE (Vane) / numéros de parc (park Numbers)
s35 : 158, 170, 181, 194
Ifremer : 157, 178, 196
2coatbian : 160, 180,193,
Navette : 161, 179, 181
Depot : 156, 168,182,184,188, 191

So i exported 5 times the bus gx107 by using each time different destination textures and multiple paint job.
I had :
gx107_gare_s35.pkg, gx107_gare_ifre.pkg, gx107_gare_2.pkg, gx107_gare_nav.pkg, gx107_gare_dep.pkg

I opened MM2 City Tools kit, (last version), and i added buses on the depot by using a citaro coordinates. I placed all buses at their place on the park. I indexed multiple paint job number for each one.

I saved INST, and i imported in my AR file. But the game crashed !
At the begining i knew that error could come from many possibilities : a texture not save correctly, a file could missing in the ar file (bound), error whil exporting from Zmod, error during operations in MM2CTK...

But after 4 days of trying, ( Evil or Very Mad *!█*# Mad !? Confused **she..t !Evil or Very Mad B_ch ! # Mad !$?*?... i let you imaging Confused ), after 4 days i think it crashs because my bus_gx107_pkg_files are too heavy : around 1,81 Mo each one.

But what is strange is that it works when i replace, in MM2CT, all gx107_gare_xxx.pkg by one kind of them : the gx107_gare_dep.pkg for example.

The game is agree to load many time the same bus (i can put 20, 25 or 30 time the bus gx107 with same color) but not few differents buses.

So, is the preblem depends realy of the weight of the pkg files ?

And, of course i have the GX 107 player version. But when i want to drive it in the bibussf with only gx107_gare_dep.pkg files (which works when i drive the citaro or other vehicle) it crashs the game !

I understand nothing to this game ! It starts to pull of my leg !! Mad
MM2 le top jeu de la bidouille !

Post 22 Aug 2008 12:50 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

You've probably already figured this out, but I've done some research into this same problem. I've been working on a New York MOD, and Have run into many many problems with memory usage. Please read This post on the memory usage topic.

It is an interesing discovery you seem to have made about the multiple paint jobs... Is it true that you crash with many of just 1 object, but each with a unique paintjob?

Some things I would recommend you do is:

-- Redo the bounds- since they are busses a simple box bound will do.

-- Use a seperate INST or a decal for the plates and park numbers, that way you can keep all the busses the same, and save memory. Harder to do, but worth it.

-- Simplify the PKG file as much as possible. EX: have a box for the VL

Good Luck!
Post 01 Dec 2008 06:55 am
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