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Post subject: What I did for MM2 Reply with quote

As of 1st Jan 2006, my list was:
[b]Scratch-made : [/b]
[i]GTC Penta 100% Near Release
GTC Stormer :version MM2 100% conversion racer in progress
1985 Honda Civic : 80%
Mazda MX5 Matia Tuning : 30%
Polonez 5 Door: 10% (stand by)
Lamborghini cheetah: 0% (stand by)
1932 Citroen C4: 0% (stand by)
Audi Quattro: 3% (stand by)
Volvo 670: 10% (stand by)
Peugeot 205: 15% (stand by)

The first time I opened Z Modeler, I started work on an Audi TT, got a bit of the side done (of course, it was not 3d, only 2d!) I then started on a Freightliner truck, which I managed to actually get a bit of the front done, but little else. From the list above, only one ever got released - GTC Stormer, which might still be around somewhere, but I have no idea where. I doubt it is, it was shabby.
GTC Penta really should have, I have no idea what went wrong there.
The Civic got into game, I remember contacting HQTM about a problem I had with it, I guess I ditched it. - Turns out it was for a competition on here too ( http://forum.mm2c.com/viewtopic.php?p=217229&sid=dbf4009ff3a697578a3e1eadb494ef6c )
The Mazda was interesting, started for a competition on here, but again, never finished. All the rest were never started at all, apart from maybe a few polys on the side. Some can be seen here, although I haven't got the large version of this image -

Directly at the top is a Citroen AX and the top left is the start of the GTC Stormer.
Around this time I was also making a load of paintjobs for HQTM's cars, I don't really know why. They were tragic, but I have found a few pictures and they are here:

The next major project was a VW Bora, which never really got very far. At the same time I started this -

A Seat Cordoba. It never made it either. I had many attempts at this next car, but never really got it right. (Audi ACool

I spent a lot of time on a Ford Fiesta MkII, which never materialized either (it was an orange in colour.)

I then started the GTC Sk8 Mk1, A simple skateboard, which was actually released (although I've lost it now...)
It is on the left -

On the right is my Land Rover, I actually released this one (and made a dashboard I believe!)

After that came the big one, my biggest project ever, it was the Bambi.

16th Jan 2007 - My Planned List
1998 Land Rover Defender TDI - 100%
2000 Seat Cordoba - 0% (In Progress)
1985 Bedford Bambi - 10% (In Progress)
2002 Audi A8 - 5% ( In Progress)
1933 Citroen C4 Taxi - 0% ( In progress)
1972 Triumph TR6
1989 Fiat Tipo
1989 Renault 21 Nevada
Fiat 242E / Citroen C35
1997 Mazda MX6
2003 Hyundai Trajet
Mazda 626
1984 Renault Fuego
Toyota Previa

2000 Seat Cordoba glx - 20%
1985 Bedford Bambi - 5%
MM2Central City Project - 1 Shop - 100%

On the 14th Feb 2007, this was my planned list:

1998 Land Rover Defender TDI - 100% MM2 ~ Released
2006 GTC Sk8 MK1 - 100% MM2 ~ Released
1985 Bedford Bambi - 100% MM2 ~ Released | GTA SA - In Progress
In Progress
1985 Bedford Rascal - 35% (In Progress)
1991 BMW 318i Conv E30 - 43% (In Progress)
Mirror Dinghy- 50% (In Progress)
FinchVille - 15%

Stand by:
2004 Audi A8 3.0- 15% (In Progress)
1984 Maserati Quattroporte III- 1%
1980 Ferrari 308 - 1%


At the same time, I started converting a few cars too, such as:

1997 Bentley Turbo RT - (Pumbars) & Riva (Dash)
1996 Renault Fiftie - (BigTwingo) & Franch88
1996 Mercedes C280 - (Burner)& Franch88
Citro├źn C2 VTR - (Lucas) & Franch88
1965 Peugeot 404 UXD - (Skybh)
TerrenceSG : Honda S2000 tuning (MM2)

I finished off by modeling a BMW 318i and a Maserati Quattroporte III, both of which were nearly completed. They were quite good as well, especially the Maserati.

I'll add some more pics when I've found them.

If anyone has any pics of the actual files of anything I've made, I'd be most grateful if you could get them my way.

One last thing, I made a 'Burger Stand Mod' for MM2. Lost it though.
I made a headlights mod too (April 2011)

You can find me:

- 12 Oct 2004 05:53 pm - I posted that my MM2 CD had so many scratches on, I didn't think it would work much longer. It still works today....


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Nice to see you're still alive Mr GT! Smile
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oops. Didn't see this thread. Wow! Cool cars! I remember the Bambi. It used to not work on my PC. Mr. Green
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