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Post subject: City Editing Gems (Updated 2006-05-12, prop sounds) Reply with quote

I figured that since so many members post questions about how to make cities, I would collect the goodies from the MM2C forums. This post is similar to the MM2 Resource posted by Bonfire in the Bodyshop - but mainly focused on city making.

Feel free to ask questions in these topics - but please read the whole thread first! Also, I know that some people think that it is a deadly sin to awake a sleeping thread, but I think it is a good thing not to have several threads about the same topic... I do have a request though, I have a strong urge to try to make each discussion happen in the correct foras. This means that I would like you to respect my read-only tags. If I feel that a listed topic is in the wrong forum and/or there is another topic better suited for the discussion, I mark the thread with read-only. This means that I think that the thread contains valuable information, but that I want the discussion to continue elsewhere. (It feels quite nice to play moderator sometimes.. Wink)

General overview
Create a city with ZModeler and Paulo's PSDL Convertisseur
Mabye A General Topic on How to Create a Track

PSDL - Terrain and buildings for cities (Latest spec)
PSDL Roads
PSDL Buildings
PSDL Tunnels and Railings
PSDL Objects
The .water file

City Lighting
lt## files

City Sound's Discoveries
How to apply sounds to props

CPVS - Speeding up rendering of cities (Latest spec)

Monuments and detailed buildings
INST File Format (Latest spec)

Pathsets: Basic file format (Latest spec)
Pathset - Objects In Motion
dgBangerData Research

Ambients (pedestrians and AI traffic)
the Mysterious BAI file (Latest spec)
.aimap file Tweak traffic(Latest spec)

Pedestrians: Overview
Pedestrians: Base model (pedmodel_*.mod) (Latest spec)
Pedestrians: Skeletons (pedmodel_*.skel) (Latest spec)
Pedestrians: Shaders (pedmodel_*.shaders)
Pedestrians: State model (pedmodel_*.csv) (Latest spec)
Pedestrians: Animation sequences (pedanim_*.anim) (Latest spec)
Pedestrians - Animations & Models

Generic objects
PKG Format - Objects in MM2 (Latest spec)
Bound - Collision detection and material properties (Latest spec)

Textures and materials
Texture maps in MM2(Latest spec of TEX)

Administrative information
Naming conventions read-only
MM2FN Standard
Community standards regarding city building

Future developments

MM2 City ToolKit by Maxoff
ZM PKG filter modifications by Maxoff
PSDL Viewer by fre_ber
PSDL Viewer by fre_ber read-only
Inst Editor by Martin_sw
INST editor by paulo-131 by paulo131

TEX Manager by Maxoff
Material manager by Legoguy
Material manager by Chadwick
ZM Plugin: .tex texture loader by Yallis
TEX converter by Legoguy
Tex Program by Martin_sw
Tex Viewer by Martin_sw read-only
TEX Viewer by fre_ber (Discontinued/on ice)

MM2 City Toolkit - How to create simple city by Maxoff
MM2 City Toolkit - Objects description by Maxoff
MM2 City ToolKit - How to add your own object to city by Maxoff
Your first steps into the world of PSDL by Misterlvlariusz

I'm not so sure about this section, but on probation: Wink
Props/buildings by Ericr

For more information, especially on software made by people that are not members of MM2C, check out Bonfire's MM2 Resource.

Please PM me if you miss some thread or want to see changes made.

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